Serving UW Students the "Better Way" Since 1990

Founded in 1990, Better Bus, LLC. is the first student-run transportation company to offer University of Wisconsin students direct service between the UW-Madison campus and the Twin Cities. For over two decades, Better Bus has been committed to providing our fellow students with quality transportation that is both convenient and affordable. Please help us continue the Better Bus tradition. 

There’s Only One Better Bus!

*The 2014-2015 scheduled has been updated. Purchase your tickets today! Please e-mail us at with any questions.*

**As of now, we are planning to run a bus for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. If there is not enough demand, we will contact ticket holders 10 days in advance to notify them of any schedule changes.**

***We have officially transitioned to PayPal as our payment processor.  Please remember that your ticket is not reserved until you have compelted the payment process through PayPal.***

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Bus Stops

  • UW-Campus (click on map to enlarge)

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  • Twin Cities (click on map to enlarge)

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